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TomTom Repair

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Garmin Nuvi 855

About the Garmin Nuvi 855
Stay ahead of the curve with nüvi 855. This premium navigator features voice-activated navigation and lane assist with junction view. Now you can keep both hands on the wheel, tell nüvi where to go and maneuver complicated interchanges with ease. Like the rest of the 805-series, it comes with a widescreen display, preloaded maps and more.

Not charging
Select this if your unit won't charge up
Repair Price: £54.95   MORE INFO »
External touchscreen broken or cracked
If the display is fully operational - but appears cracked
Repair Price: £84.95   MORE INFO »
Internal LCD screen broken or cracked
If the touchscreen is OK - but the display is cracked or damaged
Repair Price: £124.95   MORE INFO »
Charging connector broken or damaged
If the connector where you plug in the charger is loose or missing
Repair Price: £54.95   MORE INFO »
No power
If unit is completely dead and will not power on
Repair Price: £54.95   MORE INFO »
No GPS signal
If the Sat Nav can read maps but cannot find your location
Repair Price: £54.95   MORE INFO »
No sound
If the unit works ok - but you cannot hear anything
Repair Price: £54.95   MORE INFO »
Touchscreen not responding
If the screen is partially or completely not responding
Repair Price: £84.95   MORE INFO »
Both Internal and External screen damaged
If the screen doesn't respond to touch and is cracked also
Repair Price: £124.95   MORE INFO »
Freezing on startup - Software or Memory related
If the Sat Nav doesn't boot up properly or keeps freezing
Repair Price: £54.95   MORE INFO »
Red cross on screen
If you see a red X on the screen
Repair Price: £54.95   MORE INFO »
Software damaged or erased
If the unit reports the software is corrupted or damaged, or you wiped the software by accident
Repair Price: £54.95   MORE INFO »
Failed online upgrade
If you tried to upgrade it but it didn't work properly
Repair Price: £54.95   MORE INFO »
Other fault
Select this for an inspection only
Repair Price: £19.95   MORE INFO »

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